Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"We are listening and we're not blind"

One of the highlights of Birthday Continuum (really, there was no low point, besides fatigue) was seeing Snow Patrol in Denver. I've seen them a few times before but A hadn't, and she loves them. Mostly, she loves Gary Lightbody. At the show, I was equally concerned for his safety and that she might pass out. Whenever we've talked about the new album, or any songs, we've always said that there are dances. And 'Called Out in the Dark' has always had a dance - you may be sitting, but there's a thing with the arms that gets bigger and ends up over the head. We know it's a bad day when 'Called Out in the Dark' can't make it better (for me, it's a really bad day when all my other songs tagged here can't help. See also: Matt Nathanson, Rhett Miller, Scars on 45).  Gary Lightbody's voice is like a warm bath, everything else melts away.

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  1. That song is so full of synchronicity. I had heard it in town yesterday and was going to look up the lyrics, forgot all about it, then saw your post link on Bloggess, so thanx for that. =) Cool that you got to go see them.