Monday, August 27, 2012

"I'm either working or at the hotel"

If nothing else, online dating has sparked some hilarious conversations with A (and our newest friends, JB & JM, we met them at a singles meetup.  Terrible assortment of guys, great place to pick up chicks.).  Here are some of the best.

  • "I want to be the headlights, I never get to be the headlights!"
  • "I just threw away three condoms because they were expired, how sad is that?"
  • "I can imagine you in a city.  Or at the bar."
  • "Just know, that without meeting you, I will always imagine you as a crossdresser" (said twice, by two of us, to different guys. What does that say about us?)
  • "Not because you're attractive, I just never cross the bro line.  Or the braa line, lol."

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Obligatory cat picture

Just to lighten things up. Also, it's cute.

Leo and Ivan, hanging out

"Somewhere in between the beginning and the end..."

So today I made the conscious decision to be a shitty friend. And possibly a shitty person. In a move that may seem petty, and possibly something last seen in junior high, I decided to go to a concert instead of attending a long-planned girls night in honor of a friend's upcoming wedding. Faced with a last minute, intimate show of one of my favorite artists over an increasingly awkward friendship, I chose me. And Matt Nathanson. How very Kelly Taylor. So now A and I stand with new friends, together, but separate from the rest.

It's hard, as adults, to have friendships, to be open, to be individuals, to really connect. I've been fortunate in that I feel like I've been able to make, and keep, friendships as an adult. A lot people say it's hard to make friends as time goes on. But there's a difference between spending time with people and being friends with people. And I want/need real friends. People who might be different but still "get" you, people who can tell you to get over yourself, to fuck off and deal with your shit, people who you can help work through their things, an open exchange. Anything else is exhausting on all sides.  But there are people who you really let in and people you just have in little boxes. And maybe that's okay.

In keeping with the music theme, and the comfort/joy I find in Matt Nathanson's songs, this one seems appropriate. I'd love for him to play it.