Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So I'm a cat nurse and I still haven't found a man

After receiving a ridiculous email this morning entitled "Did you find a man" which really? and no, and wow, shut up, it was quickly forwarded to A.  Who had the same response and also offered psychological examination.  But, because of that email, every email over the day had the same question, like, way to rub it in, Gmail.  Finally, A called and said, "I STILL haven't found a man and I've had to think about it all day!"

The cat part is an ongoing saga of assisting in the cancer/pallitive care of the cat who lives with her ex.  Every day she's pilling or IV giving or administering injections of some sort.  Which is sad on many levels.

So her reality today is 1) no man and 2) giver of IV fluids to her ex-cat.  Do we know how to have fun or what?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

One thing to know...

Wednesday is Happy Hour. It just is. We go to an anonymous, chain-y Irish pub where no one ever notices if we laugh too loud or have 'adult' conversations or accidentally feel each other up or Salsa dance around the tables (to Depeche Mode, somehow it works).

Typically, there are four of us. Tonight there were three. The loudest three. The three who are most likely to entertain ourselves.

Tonight we were planning for next weeks birthday trip to Austin. With one Texas native and two new to Texas, it's possible that Texas should be scared. We're taking the elastic pants, drinking margaritas, looking for a birthday kiss and maybe doing a little karaoke too.