Sunday, July 1, 2012

Poison frog!

One thing you should know is that we watch a lot of Investigation Discovery and Snapped. So sometimes there are conversations that start, "so if he'd just dropped the barbell on her throat instead of holding it there, he would have gotten away with it." And then there's a whole conversation because we've both seen the episode and know instantly what we're talking about.

We were out for breakfast and a friend (C) stops by. He drinks half my coffee, eats off our plates and shows some pictures from a trip to Atlanta.  Including some poison frogs at the Atlanta Aquarium.  About 10 seconds later, A exclaims, "Poison frog!" C looks at me like, "what the hell is she saying?" and I respond, "oh, she thinks she could kill someone with a poison frog and get away with it." He wonders who she might want to kill and I muse, "oh, whoever. Haven't decided." Later, the more I thought about "poison frog!" the funnier it was.

So poison frog became an expression. Boys are stupid? Poison frog. Someone annoying you?  Poison frog.  And we'd found our new mascot.  Vladimir Trad, the poison dart frog.  Why do we need a mascot, because. He gets to go on dates, trips, concerts, etc. with us to supervise.

We also have stickers and plastic frogs just in case someone deserves a poison frog, because we are secretly 14 years old.

Vlad, enjoying his first trip to  Texas.  He and his terrarium went through security just fine.
It should be noted that Vlad is only a beanbag sand frog, no poison there.  But maybe someday...

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  1. Good to know you can get a poison frog through security. i'm sure I'll use that bit of info one day.