Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthday continuum, part 2. Or, how I was a cougar on my birthday.

Texas seemed like the perfect birthday celebration spot because two of my favorites were holding events. And A's family lives there, which made it super convenient and fun. Rhett Miller was doing two shows while we were in Houston, both acoustic.  One for Record Store Day and the other at the Texas Crawfish Festival. I've always wanted to see the Old 97's/Rhett Miller in Texas, so as a fangirl it was phenomenal. I love in-store, intimate shows and hearing new songs. Plus his new CD of covers is great; got that signed for the birthday too. Gotta love Rhett and his hips. Also, Wave of Mutilation.

He's pretty.  And talented.  And pretty.

I've been trying to use my Twitter a little more, so I was thrilled when both Scars on 45 and Rhett Miller had remembered my #birthdaycontinuum hashtag (it's funny when rock stars remember your birthday and people close to you don't say a word).  I may be turning into a Twitter fangirl.

 Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess, happened to be having her book tour on our actual birthdays so we decided we needed to go. San Antonio on A's birthday and Houston on mine. She read a chapter from her new book, which is absolutely hysterical, and laughed at the fact that the reading was in the children's section. We wore our tiaras, bought our books and went through the signing line.  Jenny was hilarious and gracious, way nicer than I am when I take that much xanax (xanax = truth serum for me, and I'm pretty blunt to begin with).

A, S, and Jenny Lawson (seated).   She called us, "pretty  tiara girls."  Heart her.

After seeing Jenny in San Antonio, we checked into the hotel and then headed out to find something to eat. Unfortunately, our book tour coincided with Fiesta San Antonio and the riverwalk was closed. Closed. So we wandered around and finally settled on pizza. After cheese, we decided to get a glass of something bubbly at a wine bar to celebrate the close of A's birthday and the start of mine. In our tiaras. I'm gonna let her finish her part of the story but the short version is that instead of us leaving at 10:15 after a glass of prosecco, we left at 3:30 after sharing three shots, two bottles of Dom, two bottles of Veuve Cliquot, two bottles of Bordeaux and a shot of Louis XIII. Then we were followed down the street by a drunk, lumbering 24 year old who I may have kissed a tiny, tiny bit, just once, barely at all, while A yelled, "your boy is chasing us." And that's how I became a cougar...on my birthday.

The remainder of the Houston trip is a blur, filled with A's family, several dramatic renditions of the Birthday Song (thanks to Mildred and Patty Hill), Tex-Mex, and a little well needed rest. Rest because we still had a few Denver events to go.

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