Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday continuum, part 1. Penis cake and rock star kisses.

A and I have birthdays one day apart. Because of that, we figure we get to at least double the celebrating, so we've created a birthday continuum.  This year, it just so happened that several events happened before, during and after our birthdays so it was a good week and a half of birthday celebrations.

To kick it all off, we had cake on our regular happy hour night. Not just any cake, penis cake. But seriously good penis cake. Well, really, it was a penis bouquet cake. Enough to share with the bar. White cake, Bavarian cream filling, chocolate buttercream frosting. After the initial WTF, people loved it. Plus we got to break in our tiaras, tiaras are perfectly acceptable on birthday continuum.

What girl doesn't like a nice bouquet on her birthday?

When we started planning the trip, we looked to see if any of our favorite bands were on tour. Happily, Scars on 45 were stopping back in Denver just in time to kick off the birthday continuum.  They were amazing, so good, so sweet, super cute (we won't talk about the other acts in the show).  It was my third time seeing them and I look forward to seeing them again in June. Go now, before they're huge. We wore our tiaras, got our cd's signed and got (chaste, damn) birthday kisses from the darling drummer and equally adorable guitar player.

S, adorable Danny from Scars on 45, A

Next stop: Texas.

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